The following general conditions of participation constitute an integral part of the package travel contract and please read them carefully before registering for any of our package trips.

We are the company under the name ‘KITSOULIS Georgios’, with the distinctive title ‘ALLER’ based in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Thermaikos, Perea, 43 Ampelokipi, T.K. 57019, with special Mark number E.The.T. 09.33.E.60.00.00789.00, member of the Association of Tourism and travel agencies in Greece, Association of Tourist Offices of Macedonia-Thrace and Association of Tourism Agents of Macedonia-Thrace. Which is established and operates in accordance with the laws of the Hellenic Republic and we organize, sell tourist products transport, reservations, travel etc.


ALLER uses airlines and other transport companies, hotels, local travel agencies and other operators in which it has no direct control. ALLER has no privately owned planes, hotels, ships etc. to be held responsible for their correct or non-functioning.

The role of the organizer is purely mediating for the provision of services to customers, which is why responsibilities are identified only in cases of omissions and organizational weaknesses. ALLER does not abuse the mitigating effects of the mediating role and makes every effort to meet the expectations of its customers . It is, however, neither possible nor fair to be held responsible for anomalies that it is unable to effectively predict or control such as:

Changes delays or cancellations of scheduled routes of all forms.
Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, inability to adapt to different time zones and altitudes, epidemics, food poisoning or inadequate cleanliness conditions.
Any inconveniences that may be caused by unforeseen situations, such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, coups, wars, hijackings, fires, earthquakes, floods, and any other need or situation of superior violence.
Damage loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents and any consequence of a criminal or other criminal act.
ALLER, however, makes every effort and offers every possible service and assistance in dealing with such cases.

Leader / Escort
Our organized group trips are accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable partner, who takes care of the smooth execution of the program and a)picks up the group from the day of departure to the day of return to Greece or B) picks up the group at the station of the first night and delivers it to the station of the last night, depending on the program of the trip. During the tours, the leader / escort acts as the translator of the local English-speaking tour guide. On board the aircraft the chief attendant has no more rights than any other traveller, so any omissions or responsibilities during the flight should only be requested by the airline, as determined by the Warsaw Treaty. The company reserves the right to replace the leader/escort during the excursion due to extraordinary circumstances. In some cases the accompaniment is carried out with local representatives. Local representatives usually meet the customer at his hotel accommodation upon request and give him the basic information and directions to the destination. The responsibilities of local representatives are not included:

the collection and transfer of the group to and from the airport to the respective destination is carried out with a local English-speaking guide.
his participation in the guided tours and optional excursions


The statement of participation of the customer in an organized trip must be made no later than 10 days before the date of departure or unless specifically stated, this can be done by visiting the offices or branches of the organizers or sellers, by mail(& electronic),fax, telephone or through the website, with the conditions, to be valid any reservation must be accompanied by an advance payment equal to 30% of the total participation costs and compliance and full acceptance of these Terms. Reservations not validated by payment of the corresponding advance do not oblige the office to reserve positions.

The reservations for the offered services are made by ALLER with the issuance of the program and within the deadline for registration specified for each trip, which however does not oblige the organizer to secure seats to the interested party if in the meantime the intended seats have been exhausted, for which, however, the organizer must inform the customer. In coach trips, each excursionist does not occupy a specific seat, for all the intended trips. The duration of the trip is taken into account the days of departure and arrival. Payment of the balance is made in advance no later than the start of the trip. Travel informations are delivered before the start of the trip. Services to individual travelers in the destination country are offered in international language and not in Greek.


Each trip of each program also has a specific deadline for registration. This deadline is linked to ALLER’s respective time commitments to airlines, hotels and other operators used to ensure the services provided for each trip. It is reasonable for these operators to be interested in the places, rooms or other services we have reserved and even more reasonable to be harmed by an untimely cancellation on our part if a trip does not take place. With these data, the deadline for participation specifies the time limits,

in which we can cancel the corresponding trip without any financial impact on us. At the same time, it gives a concrete answer to the classic question “until when can I declare” and is a decisive participation stimulus for procrastinators who run the risk of not finding a place if they ignore the deadline. But also for us the deadline for participation is positive because it contributes to the more valid closure of the planned positions thus ensuring the necessary time for better organizational preparation of each departure.


Minimum required participation for all organized trips to destinations is determined and reported by the office in each case differently. ALLER has the right to cancel any trip if the participation is deemed insufficient or for other reasons that in its discretion do not favor its realization. ALLER must notify customers of the cancellation of the trip up to 4 days before the start of the trip. In this case aller’s obligations are limited to the return of the money received. In addition, ALLER undertakes to adhere to the tour schedule as stated in the description of each trip. ALLER also has the right to make changes to the program as far as it deems appropriate in order to overcome technical problems or unforeseen difficulties. If the changes made to the described program have been communicated in any intelligible way to the customer, ALLER is not bound by the description of the excursion program. These changes may be made before the trip begins and, if they are so significant as to alter its character, the participants are entitled to cancel their reservation and get back the money they paid, without further claim. However, if the changes are deemed necessary during the course of the journey, the participants are obliged to accept them. For Easter and Christmas departures and generally high periods, the program may be changed. It is known in advance and explicitly agree that airlines and for their own reasons sometimes charter for their own flights planes of another company, this case is not due to cancellation. Changes to flight schedules and aircraft types can be made by an airline for operational reasons that we cannot control. A scheduled stopover flight, from A to B city, a continuous non-stop trip and a scheduled direct flight can be done with one to one or more stations.


According to community and Greek legislation (Fr.D.336/1996) Aller has made the insurance of its civil liability to cover against our customers, for personal injury or death or property damage, legal costs and other expenses as well as for the reimbursement of paid and repatriated travelers in case of bankruptcy and/or which may be caused by the non-performance and/or improper performance of the obligations we undertake at the conclusion of the travel contract. Provide only in the organized tour package. Customers who wish to provide this from the office on a day / one-day trip must report it to the office and it is additionally agreed.


The main obligation of those who participate in group trips is their absolute compliance with the program of the trip and the suggestions of the escorts / leaders / guides and the timely attendance at the events of the program. The lack of consistency, in addition to the other problems it creates, entitles the attendant to ignore the indifferent client and aller to refuse any compensation for services that were not provided to him. The participants of ALLER’s organized trips are also solely responsible for the timely securing and safeguarding of the necessary travel documents, passports, etc. presentation of a photocopy of passports with the names of passengers, as well as for their authenticity to the Greek or foreign monetary and customs authorities.

Reasonable complaints during the trip must be reported immediately and on the spot to the attendant (the absence of this in our office)and to the provider of this service in writing, if the problem presented could not be solved on the spot, the client is obliged to complain in writing and within ten days from the return of the trip for any omissions and Aller reserves the right not to respond to complaints sent after the above deadline.

In the event that the customer interrupts his trip by his own decision and leaves the group, even for some reason of force majeure, he is not entitled to any further service the compensation and the responsibility and expenses of any movement outside the group are borne by him.

In order to resolve any problem, the members undertake to address the EATTA friendly dispute resolution committee, and to request its mediation. If the amicable resolution of the dispute is not possible, the courts of the country are competent.


All quoted prices were calculated on the basis of exchange rates and air fares applicable at the time of issue of the programme. These prices may be increased unannounced in the event of a change in fares, a revaluation of foreign exchange units or any reversal of the original cost data and revaluations that the state wanted to impose, after the issuance of the program. The price change can be made up to 20 days before the start of the trip and is not an excuse to cancel participation. If the office accepts an excursion reservation after the deadline for declarations of participation, the non-securing of a visa or other travel documents is the full responsibility and responsibility of the traveler even if the office indirectly or immediately intervened in it, does not exempt the traveler from any cancellation fees if he ultimately can not travel.


For all participants in the organized foreign tours, it is required to have a new passport, issued from 2006 onwards, in the countries under the Schengen Treaty you can travel with your police ID in Latin. For some destinations an additional passport expiration is required after 6 h 12 months. For trips around the world, where the International Health Organization requires or recommends health education, we do not bear any responsibility, so we recommend that participants consult the health center of their area. The reported information concerns holders of Greek passports only. The validity of all personal travel documents (passport, identity card) is the responsibility of the traveler. Special attention is needed by underage travelers who must necessarily be provided with a passport. If travelers hold non-Greek passports, it is advisable to contact their embassy. Failure to ensure timely issuance the visa of travel documents does not justify the cancellation of participation without cancellation fee.


All accommodation used by the organiser shall have the legal and effective operating authorisation required by the competent authorities of the host state. The choice of hotels is made by criteria for their location and the services they offer in combination with the best possible price according to their category as stated in the description of each trip. The rooms / cabins offered at the listed prices are standard (basic), if the traveler wants a specific view or other type of room then as long as there is availability it is offered at the appropriate cost.

The rooms of most hotels around the world have been designed to accommodate two beds. According to international hotel regulations, rooms are received after 14.00 and delivered no later than 12.00 noon. The third bed in all hotels is an additional bed. HALLER makes every effort to extend the stay limit so that excursionists departing on evening or very morning flights are served. This service will exist if and as long as the rooms are not given to other hotel customers. On some cruise ships equal cabins are offered on 3 different decks, reservation of a specific cabin is offered only if requested cabin type in suite and as long as there is availability. In all offered types of accommodation, special places for storing valuables and personal documents are offered. If this provision is not used, any loss of documents, passports, tickets, valuables, etc. it is solely borne by the traveler and is entirely his responsibility and cost or any process. Banks work 24 hours in hotels, machines for withdrawing money are also offered. All hotels and ships have the possibility of visiting a doctor in your room / cabin. If you are taking any specific medicine please take care to get it from Greece. In case of your late arrival at the hotel, after the day of your scheduled arrival and as long as you have not informed about this, the hotel has the right to dispose of the remaining booked period if requested. Drinks, unless expressly stated, are not included in the price of half board or full board. We remind you before leaving the hotel to pay any personal bills (phone calls, drinks, etc.).


Luggage is delivered to the carrier and received at the responsibility of its owners, regardless of whether there is no escort of the representatives of the Tour desk.

In the event of damage the loss applies the IATA regulation for aeroplanes and the corresponding conditions for each mode of transport and for hotels , and liability in this case is limited in accordance with these conditions . Our company is not responsible for the contents of the luggage. Airlines usually allow a baggage weighing 20 kg. In addition to basic luggage, participants can carry a small hand luggage, the dimensions of which must not exceed 50X40X25 centimeters, and carry liquids in packages weighing up to 100 grams. Which do not add up to one liter in a transparent case of 20×20 centimeters.

Cases where the passenger has excess weight or more baggage may incur additional charges from the airline which the traveller incurs.

In special cases airlines (usually small aircraft) operate on different terms.


In order to secure hotels and other necessary services, aller prepays significant amounts several months prior to making the trips it has planned and is bound by specific compensation obligations in case of partial or total cancellation. That is why it is in turn obliged to withhold the entire deposit or even to request additional payment in case of untimely cancellation. You consider untimely any cancellation made within the last 20 days preceding the

start of the trip, unless otherwise stated in the description of the excursion. In addition, the customer who is unable to participate in the package trip for which he has items pay a deposit or even payment, may assign his reservation to another person who meets all the required conditions for the package trip, after informing the office at least 8 working days before departure and as long as no air tickets have been issued, unless there is another

suppliers such as a ban on changing names, etc. The customer who assigns and the customer who accepts his participation in the excursion are jointly liable to ALLER for the outstanding balance of the amount as well as for possibly additional costs of this assignment.

Cancellations are made only in writing to our company and regardless of the date of registration and departure of the tour are subject to the following deductions:

Cancellation 20 days before departure, withholding 20% of the value of the participation.
Cancellation 19-10 days before departure, withholding 50% of the value of the participation.
Cancellation 10 days before departure, withholding 100% of the value of the participation.
For special departures, festive periods, exhibition periods or chartered boat trips or airplanes, the above mentioned time periods are longer and the withholding rates higher.

Our office makes every effort to avoid the above charges – cancellation when the cancellation arises from illness, medical examinations, accidents and similar reasons, which do not create a condition for cancellation according to the lessons of the common experience without withholding the cancellation.

The settlement of accounts relating to cancellations is made by our office at least 30 days after the passage of the trip.

For individual individual trips different cancellation terms apply, according to the terms of each airline fare as well as the cancellation policy of each hotel, charges are made regardless of the time of registration or whether the corresponding amounts have been paid by the travelers or not.


The customer assures that he and those mentioned in the reservation have the proper physical condition to travel. Any client with any medical condition, which may affect their ability to travel must produce a doctor’s certificate prior to booking. The company, local authorities and each carrier reserve the right to distribute on their behalf a public health questionnaire at any time. The customer will provide accurate information regarding any symptoms of illness including gastroenteritis. For travel by sea and / or air, the carrier may refuse boarding of any passenger who considers in his sole discretion to have symptoms of any virus-germ disease including norium.(norovirus). The customer’s refusal to complete the relevant questionnaire may result in his non-boarding. The carrier may refuse any customer to travel if it considers him or her unable to travel and may risk health or safety, or may refuse entry to a port, or would make the carrier liable for any costs including repatriation. Failure to notify the company of any such situation may result in the refusal of participation in you or anyone traveling with you.

The company will do anything possible to meet your needs and specific requirements of customers, pharmaceutical, dietary or other type, but such requirements are not a contract element and therefore the company is not responsible to provide them.


Information you provide to us about your participation in our services will be kept by our company in accordance with law 2471/1997 on the protection of processing of personal data. This information is used for entries, bookings, ticketing and the compilation of the customer list, for travel insurance and marketing purposes. You may receive a copy of personal information that you keep about yourself by written request to our company. Privacy is taken seriously. In order to be able to comply with our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act, you require that you read and agree to our policy before providing us with any personal information. Failure to do so means that these conditions are violated. It is your responsibility to make sure that the information held about you is correct and accurate. In case you fail to do so any errors are borne by you and mean that you violate these terms.


For the safety of your luggage, we recommend that it be locked upon delivery to the airport. You also avoid having in them money, jewelry and general things of value. Our company has no responsibility for theft or burglary of luggage.
That at ticket control and every border control etc. you will need to show your passport or police ID of a new type. Whatever it takes locally.